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Remy Jungerman

International star artist

From Suriname to the World

Remy Jungerman, a Surinamese native, was born in the town of Moengo (estimated population of 10,000 inhabitants).
He migrated as a young adult to the Netherlands to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Although he went on to build an impressive international career in the Arts, his tie to his humble beginnings in Suriname were never broken.
This is evident in his work that entwines different European esthetics with elements of his native country and the Maroon culture that is such an integral part of the cultural heritage of his town of Moengo.

Historically, life in Moengo differed drastically from that of the capital city, Paramaribo. However, the gap between Moengo and Paramaribo has been getting significantly smaller with each passing year. Moengo when Jungerman was a child was the home to the American mining company Alcoa which founded the first bauxite mine in Moengo, Suriname, in 1916. This American influence created a slow dance between two vastly different cultures which resulted in the unique character of this incredible and unique town.

The Maroons, who make up much of the population in Moengo, are proud descendants of the escaped slaves of the Dutch plantations. They fled to the interior of the country and waged war against the Dutch colonial government and the plantation owners. The Maroons have managed to preserve a large part of their culture which originates from the African continent. Remy Jungerman, while growing up in Moengo, was greatly influenced by these threads of history and culture that surrounded his everyday life growing up.

Before relocating to Amsterdam, Jungerman attended the AHKCO (Academy for Higher Arts and Cultural Studies) in Paramaribo. During this time one of his teachers, Soekidjan Irodikromo (casually known as Soeki), was an integral part of Jungerman’s development as an artist. Soeki, who recently passed away, was another very notable and established Surinamese Artist who had been engrained in the creative landscape of Suriname since the early 1960’s.

After his educational track at AHKCO was successfully concluded Jungerman was accepted into the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy where he continued to grow as an artist and develop a unique take on modern art. The Gerrit Rietveld Academy is an international University of applied sciences for fine art and design located in Amsterdam.

This change of scenery had a huge impact on him personally and creatively which is noticeable in his work to this day. The fusion of his Moengo roots and influences from his education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy are prevalent in his current work.

Work by Remy Jungerman

Remy Jungerman is now recognized as an artist of international notoriety. In 2019 he represented the Netherlands at the Venice Biennale and a monograph of his work, Where the River Runs, was recently published to wide acclaim and has received multiple design awards. We are very proud of his success which he achieved through hard work and dedication to the development of his personal talent. He is represented in Amsterdam by the Galerie Ron Mandos and in New York by Fridman Gallery and has many international exhibitions under his belt.

The cultural influence of the Maroon people in Moengo, the years he spent surrounded by tropical rainforest, the modern minimalist aspects of his days at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and undoubtably extensive traveling around the world resulted in Jungerman’s unique interpretation of visual art. A great international artist with local roots, Suriname is proud to call him one of its very own.