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Tanya Frijmersum


Tanya Frijmersum


Tanya has always had an interest in landscape photography and used to make the typical holidays shots. Architecture became an interest later, as well as abstract but she was not really sure what she was looking for. That’s when it was recommended to her to take a basic Photography course from SUFOV (Surinamese Photographers Association) in 2004. That same year, she became a member and participated in a group exhibition at the National Art Fair (NK). Since then she has been participating at these fairs, the last few years as a solo artist. Throughout the years, Tanya has taken a digital- and smartphone photography  workshop. Since she is originally a performing arts student, there was a strong interest in visual art and going to art fairs, museums and creative gatherings over the world was always a part of her life.
Tanya doesn’t usually use the traditional frames for her printed pictures but prefers upcycling. There is so much waste in our environment that could be used to further complement artwork. Also: Tanya does not own a professional camera. She makes her art by using a simple smartphone and a point-and-shoot camera. Since photography is only a hobby Tanya prefers to keep it simple. And also affordable.


October 9, 1961




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Tanya Frijmersum