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The Surinamese Photographers Association, abbreviated SUFOV, was founded on September 29, 1993. For more than 20 years, it has been Suriname’s only organization for professional and amateur photographers and hobbyists. SUFOV aims to develop and promote photography in Suriname as well as to promote the interests of its members. Members benefit from a wide range of photography-related activities, including club nights for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, workshops and courses, dissemination of information, outdoor activities and exhibitions. In addition, SUFOV maintains and establishes new relationships with relevant organizations and bodies around the world. The activities associated with the organization of activities are done by members. The board oversees the finances and the activities program. The board is elected, but important decisions are taken during the general meetings. The SUFOV has been participating in the NK exhibitions since 1999. At special moments of the association, the SUFOV organizes her own exhibitions.

The Fédération Internationale de L’Art Photographique, FIAP is an international photography federation founded in 1950. This international body focuses on the promotion and development of photographic art, without the intervention of political, ideological, or racist influences. Suriname joined in 2011 with SUFOV as the Operational Member. Now more than 90 countries are connected. Several Biennials are organized by FIAP every year. These are international photo competitions for national photographer’s country teams that take place every other year. There is a battle for the World Cup. Suriname participated with the SUFOV at the Color Print Biennial & Projected Images Biennial of 2019 with 10 photographers. For the
2020 Black & White Images Biennial, the SUFOV also participated with 10 photographers. The photos submitted by SUFOV to these Biennials will be shown during the NK exhibition of 2020.


September 29, 1993