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Suhada Kasto


Suhada Kasto


It started from childhood that Kasto had talent, that he loved creativity. He used to make dolls with clay, drew a lot with chalk, charcoal, on walls and walls, made a guitar from a sardine tin, toys from ‘mocomoco; plant, kites of different models and everything creative. At High school, he was always the second best of the school with high marks for drawing. At one point the art teacher sent sent him to an art lesson. A well-known artist “Waidi”, who was a neighbor, later stimulated Kasto further by giving him various art and painting materials. That’s how I started painting.

Later on, Kasto worked at a printing company as a graphic designer and visited the AHCKO. Because of the great love for art, he had regularly visited various art expositions, including the National Art Fair, to look at the works of art as a learning process and for inspiration.
And indeed, he was inspired but didn’t know how to start. Until a friend and colleague, a top graphic designer, Winston van der Bok, advised Kasto directly and spontaneously: start where you are strong. And that is exactly what he did! Fantasy was a strong side of him, so he went abstract. With the encouragement and support of Mr. Waidi, Kasto started participating in the National Art Fair in 1993. First he worked with oil paint and later with acrylic. I always worked on a rough surface, so two dimensional and he uses wood glue, jute, cotton, cardboard, paper, sharp sand and wood saws.
The source of his inspiration is the creation of the universe. For Kasto, that is the greatest work of art of all time. Hence, his subjects are usually creation, man and woman, marriage, mother and child, birth, family, life, trial, patience, reward, the hereafter, etc. The human being is the central theme. The message is that we as humans were created in this world with a purpose, to serve the Creator, with the promise of an eternal life in the hereafter with full enjoyment.


October 29, 1956





Suhada Kasto