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Sandjana Anroedh


Sandjana Anroedh


Sandjana Anroedh is a senior student at Mr. Dr. J.C. the Miranda High School. Sandjana loves to be creative and she loves to bring creativity in everything she does. Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. Her hobbies are painting and drawing. As a little girl she always loved to draw and color. She has participated in drawing competitions when she was in primary school and was even a winner in one of the competitions. Sandjana made drawings in her early years, but she did not paint yet. She started
painting at the age of 16. Her first painting was a painting of Lord Ganesha for which she received many compliments. That motivated her to keep painting and also to start painting portraits of people. After some time, and a lot of positive feedback, Sandjana took the next step by participating in the National Art Fair.

The lockdown because of COVID-19, has created more time for Sandjana to focus on her paintings, sketches and puzzles. As you have Art and creativity are a substantial part of Sandjana’s life and her opinion is that painting can be easy: All you need to paint is, a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.

“The earth without art is just “eh”.”


January 30, 2003



Sandjana Anroedh