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Robbert Enfield


Robbert Enfield


From his early childhood Robbert Enfield was praised by his teachers for his excellent drawings. At the age of 16 he received the opportunity to develop this talent at the Nola Hatterman Instituut, from which he graduated in 1990. Because his talent was recognized by the former Director of Culture, Mr. James Ramlall, he was sent to Jamaica to complete his education at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts. After his return in 1999 Robbert Enfield, together with some other students, held a group exhibition entitled “Contemporary Art” in Ons Erf, as the completion of their education. This was the marking of the establishment of “Contemporary Visual Art” in Suriname.

For longer than 10 years, Robbert Enfield traveled throughout the region (especially in Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands),as an art professor teaching various visual art courses. Despite the fact that Robbert spent many years abroad, he remained loyal to his native country and therefore kept exhibiting almost every year in Suriname. Milestones for him were his expo’s: “Time” in 2009 at the Royal Gallery
and in 2011 at the Waag: “the Next Chapter”. After this he actually established his name as a Surinamese, semi-abstract, visual artist. He held, also abroad, several successful solo exhibitions, in 2012 in the Netherlands: “Chapter Returned” and he had his 20th solo expo in 2017 in Jamaica: “Sunny Life”.

Robbert Enfield’s core theme is "the child" and knows how to portray that in his artworks in an inimitable way. This theme is also the common thread through all his exhibitions, each time depicted differently in a creative way. It is clear to see that this artist is busy creating, because the colors, intensity and creativity that radiate from his canvas have their own unique strength, joy and happiness, with titles that are a clear indications of his concept of each art work. Those who have already seen this collection are always impressed, not only because of his vibrant colors and exceptional concepts, but also because it is amazingly visible that this contemporary visual artist is continually developing his skills and is not at all finished expanding his talent as yet . . .

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November 16, 1969




Nola Hatterman Art Institute
Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Art
Teacher Training Summer Institute, BVI

Robbert Enfield