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Michael Wong Loi Sing


Michael Wong Loi Sing


Creativity is a way of breathing, targeted and expressively. Michael Wong Loi Sing wants to leave the world something good and when he makes art, he feels that that is exactly what he is doing. Nation building, instruction, transfer of beliefs and the realization that he himself is preparing to become an art ancestor are his drivers.

At only 52 years old, he is fully aware of his important task, but this doesn’t keep him from creating happy art but he makes sure that his art is carefully selected to express positivity. In his philosophy, ownership for the creation is the leading aspect. As an artist, he sees himself as an anthropologist, psychologist and a researcher, journalist, sociologist. He recognizes the artist’s role in society by using symbols and signs that will benefit others. It is not about money or fame or appeasing other artists or art collectors.

Michael wants to be happy with knowing that he gave his utmost best to participate in the everlasting perception of beauty.  He also makes conceptual art but because of a lack of space, focusses on expressive works and a dreamworld that he makes visible using acrylic paint and other paint.

What is passion and how can he show what he believes in, sincerely? Michael looks at his art as an imprint of a state of mind and the person who looks at his art as experiencer of that art. The experiencer uses emotions to distill from the artwork what is needed for them. Which is also why Michael’s work is very versatile and does not revolve around one theme only to be recognizable. My art is very diverse and he is at peace with that.


June 16, 1968




Master of Fine Arts, Groningen, Netherlands &
Hunter College New York, USA


1st Prize Simon Bolivar, Centro Andres Bello, 1981
Winner Dooyewaard Stipendium, Blaricum, Netherlands, 2000
Winner Arts Mony, Pezenas, France

Michael Wong Loi Sing