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Lyroy Caupain


Lyroy Caupain


Lyroy has always been impressed by Renaissance paintings which is why he switched from working with graphite to oil painting. Over the years, he has continuously improved his style and techniques. With his paintings, he wants to display a portrait that is realistic in terms of style, which is also his own vibe.

From a young age, Lyroy has always been impressed by art. At exhibitions, he became enchanted by not only the scale but also the detail and expression that the artists put into their work. At the time, he didn’t think any more of it: he just loved to look at art, it fascinated him.

During his childhood, he, like many, engaged in drawing very often and was quite good at it. He loved being able to create and depict anything. The freedom to express his creativity was the reason to always work on it. He kept practicing and challenged himself to make his drawings livelier by gradually incorporating more detail into his drawings. He felt that if he could portray a face or scene more realistically, the final result would look more vivid.

After working on these kinds of drawings for a while, Lyroy was open to a new challenge: drawing in color. He started practicing with oil pastels and learned to work with colors. Within a short time, he made the switch to oil paint which he still works with.

I am not yet where I would like to be, but I look forward to refining my art even more in the future


May 8, 1997




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Lyroy Caupain