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Luciel Becker



In our society Becker functioned successively as principal , history teacher and Master of Laws. Also as tutor in Art Philosophy. So, he is not a painter , but an artist who half a century ago – literally overnight –  started working the flat plane creatively, inventively and innovatively on A – 4 sheets of paper with charcoal and Siberian chalk, without having a specific scene in mind. Most recent examples of this are the black and white ‘alien’- like symbols which Becker exhibited at the National Art Fair 2019. Soon after he started working on canvas , by means of several actions and instruments of diverse nature , and ultimately the computer.

“ I am only improvising, but then suddenly a form appears , which seems to come out from within me on the flat plane. I grab it immediately and by associations one form evokes another. This is the way WildcoastArt symbols on the flat plane originate, which are symbolic for unity and integration in our fragmented society”.

In the past few years Becker – also suddenly and to the surprise and curiosity and interest of neighbours and passers by – started building monuments or installations alongside the public road    (“mofo doro”) at the Tibitistraat at Zorg & Hoop, with elements drawn from our culture and bio – diversity and everyday objects and other materials.

He made photos and videos which he edited with the computer. In the context of celebrating 45 years of Srefidensi (Independence) on November 25 2020,  the six exhibited  installations are symbols for liberation, freedom and victory of our nation. In the sense that the different groups and /or  citizens in our society become fully humanely involved in an intercultural way , in other words cherish love for one another. 

WildcoastArt  also contributes to  this ideal via the symbols on the flat plane. As well as via Beckers words and writings.

And his way of life, his actions and positions in our multi – cultural , multi – ethnic and multi – religious society. In the art philosophy of WildcoastArt such an ideal multi – cultural society is an intercultural work of art. 

So, WildcoastArt is Srefidensi – Art, an independent symbolic modern art form, that is being developed in Suriname. As such , it borrows inspiration from the independent nature of the art of our rainforest artists, The Sjahman of Werehpai and Afaka, who respectively created the Petroglyphs and the Afaka writings.

They are our historical national cultural heroes!

“They were trailblazers for me in creating independent mental expressions”, Becker emphasizes.

“WildcoastArt does not have a fixed style , but expresses itself always in a totally different way. It consists of works beyond my time, around the tendencies of my creative colleagues – artists” . At the National Art Exhibition 2019, the black and white WildcoastArt symbols on the flat plane – like the monuments or installations – were also a clear manifestation hereof.

Luciel Becker