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G-Art Blok


G-Art Blok

G-ArtBlok Foundation Contemporary Art & Studios offers:

  • Three-month block drawing and painting courses
  • Ten-day workshops video & photography
  • An (exhibition) space of 9m x 30m x 5m with reception area
  • Team building sessions
  • Painting easels for rent
  • On request: guest book paintings, creative parties, family painting and drawing activities, baby shower, etc.

G-Artblok offers:

  • A presentation after each block course
  • Creative day outs
  • A gallery space, where works by George Struikelblok are permanently on display
  • A photographer, drawing and painting advice on request National and international exhibitions

2020 National Art Fair
2019 Private collection Lucia Liauw A Njie – Bijlhout
2018 FVAS 20 years
2018 “Impulse” Suriname – Germany Connection
2016 “Silence” George Struikelblok

Verlengde Keizerstraat # 35
Paramaribo, Suriname
Call / app for an appointment at 8818040/8652005
Email: or


March 16, 2016



G-Art Blok