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Elfie Kong Jong Foek


Elfie Kong Jong Foek


Drawing and painting nature in its most natural elements gives Elfie the feeling that she has not only become one with nature during the painting and drawing moment, but this feeling remains when viewing the final work. The creation of a synergy between the painter and nature conveys an indescribable feeling.
In her art works she mainly focuses on a certain aspect of nature, e.g. botanical plants, flowers, trees, roots, animals etc. by allowing the viewer to enjoy the fascinating beauty that nature has to offer as a true work of art.
Elfie believes that her call to humanity in this regard is the conservation of nature. By leaving nature in its original value, its aesthetic and moral value will then be the highest. Protecting the environment at all times and pay attention to the rustic nature that nature itself offers to man, e.g. in the midst of war, financial crisis, corona pandemic, food shortages.


March 19, 1967


Moengo, Suriname


LO, MO-A, MO-B in Geography (Institute for Teachers Training, IOL)
Bachelor in Law (Anton de Kom University)
Post Graduate study – International and Comparative Law Diploma Program (FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social studies)
Master in International and Comparative Law (FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social studies, School of Law)

Elfie Kong Jong Foek